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Frequently caused by wearing down over time or a physical trauma, a cracked tooth can be painful and lead to difficulty speaking or eating. There are several different types of cracks that can occur on the tooth, including a craze line, a fractured cusp, a split tooth, and a vertical root fracture. The classification of the crack depends on the depth and location of the crack on the tooth, which also determines the best treatment. It is important to seek professional help at Western Mass Endodontics as early as possible so your tooth has a higher chance of being saved. A cracked tooth cannot be healed, but our skilled team of dentists may be able to repair it so that your tooth is still functional and your pain can be relieved. Visit one of our offices in Western MA to restore your tooth today.

Best Candidates

There are a variety of symptoms that can help our dentists diagnose a cracked tooth. Most often, you will experience pain when putting any pressure on your tooth, especially when eating. There may also be some sensitivity when your tooth is exposed to hot and cold temperatures. If not treated right away, a cracked tooth may cause constant pain and the crack can then turn into an infection inside of the tooth. If our dentist suspects you have a cracked tooth, he will perform a physical exam and order dental x-rays to confirm the diagnosis. This will also help him choose your best treatment.

What to Expect

The depth and location of the crack will help our dentists choose the most effective treatment. After a thorough exam, he will explain your situation and create a treatment plan. The main goal is to either prevent an infection or completely remove any infected areas. For a fractured cusp, a filling or crown can repair the tooth and prevent the crack from growing. If the crack reaches into the pulp of the tooth, then a root canal treatment may be performed. For a split tooth or vertical root fracture, endodontic surgery may be performed. In some cases, the tooth may need to be extracted if it cannot be saved in order to keep the infection from spreading to other teeth.


The recovery process will depend on the extent of the treatment, so your dentist will go over specific instructions to help you heal. You should avoid eating anything that could possibly expand or reopen the crack, such as ice or hard candies. If the crack was caused by teeth grinding (bruxism) at night, we may recommend a custom night guard. It is important that you maintain an efficient oral hygiene routine at home to minimize the risk of infection. During your annual dental exam, we will continuously monitor the treated tooth and your general oral health so problems can be treated early.

Insurance Coverage

Treatments for a cracked tooth are most often seen as a medical necessity, which means it should be covered, at least in part, by your insurance company. Prior to treatment, we will talk to your insurance company and inform you of any additional costs. Western Mass Endodontics accepts many payment methods, and we can help you find low-interest medical financing.

Cracked teeth Treatments

A cracked tooth can be painful and can cause more expensive problems if not treated properly. At Western Mass Endodontics we work to diagnose and treat a cracked tooth so your smile remains beautiful and healthy. To learn more, contact one of our offices and schedule a consultation with one of our trusted dentists.

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