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An injury or trauma to your teeth, soft tissues in your mouth (tongue, gums, and lips), or jawbone may be brought on by a direct strike to the mouth area. Oral injuries can occur playing sports, during an auto collision, or in regular mishaps. Trauma may cause many issues to happen, such as chipped teeth, loose teeth, cuts to your gums, or possibly a broken jaw. Oral injury treatments will change based upon your specific case. Even if your injury may not look serious or you are not in pain, patients must seek out immediate attention from one of our endodontic specialists to tend to the injury and prevent additional complications. At Western Mass Endo, our team of specialists performs many procedures to fix oral and dental problems that result from injury. Contact our practice immediately following a traumatic oral injury to set up an emergency appointment.

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An injury or trauma to your mouth may happen to you at any moment. Your problem might be a chipped or cracked tooth, loose teeth, root fractures, knocked-out teeth, a dislocated or broken jawbone, or cuts on your tongue or gums. Whether you're in pain or bleeding, you should get in touch with Western Mass Endo to create an urgent appointment. We could also suggest methods to store a lost tooth or reduce your discomfort.

What to Expect

The number of treatments that will be necessary to address your trauma will be dependent on the severity of the injury. A member of our endodontics team will assess your trauma and may take digital images to comprehend the level of the injury. We will subsequently explain and discuss your treatment choices. Sometimes, surgical intervention is required, particularly for a significant trauma to your jawbone. Other cases might only require a simple treatment with little or no anesthesia. A number of procedures may be required to completely heal the injury. These treatments will be spaced out to permit time for healing.


Your total recovery time will vary based on the severity of your injury and the procedure(s) performed. We will provide you with particular recovery directions. You must avoid engaging in strenuous activities or placing too much strain on the injured region so as to prevent further harm. Additional appointments might be needed to make sure you're healing properly. We may suggest a customized mouth guard if you're playing sports to prevent future accidents. We encourage you to keep scheduling annual dental examinations and cleanings in Western Mass Endo so our team can monitor the treated areas in addition to your general dental health.

Insurance Coverage

Once we have established your treatment program, our staff will contact your insurer to ascertain what will be paid by your insurance provider. We'll discuss your policy and estimated out-of-pocket expenses. Western Mass Endo accepts several payment methods for those without dental insurance. Our team may can also provide advice on medical financing to make your procedure easier to afford.

Traumatic Injury care

Whether a minor or major injury, a trauma to your teeth, gums, or jaw has to be handled right away to prevent future problems. At Western Mass Endo we will help you develop the best treatment strategy for your particular trauma. To find out more, contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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